Dr Fatima Jabbar was born in Cardiff but moved when very young to London where she grew up. The first member of her family to go to university, she studied Medicine and at the age of 25 became one of the youngest doctors to open a practice on Harley St, London.

As well as a dedication to helping and treating patients from all over the world Dr Fatima Jabbar is passionate about fighting for human rights in both her professional career and private capacity. Dr Jabbar is an active campaigner on equality and human rights issues. She has spoken across the world on both issues

Later this year Dr Jabbar will be setting up her charity; the Dr Jabbar Foundation for Women & Children.

She believes that by empowering and supporting women around the world, they can play an increasingly important role in their economies and societies.

The Foundation will work with women in Africa, South Asia and the Middle East, helping them generate their own income and developing projects which encourage them to become successful and promote health and well being in their communities.

Dr Jabbar supports over 20 charities with a special emphasis on those working with women, with children, and human rights.